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"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." –The Apostle Paul


Just a note here as to why I wrote this article. Yesterday I received an email from Genie, my wife, which subject line asked the question poised in the article title, “Is Stephen Hawking Right About Hostile Aliens?” While I wondered why this seemed so important to her, I did not ask her because she had mentioned it before and I had somewhat dismissed it as a passing curiosity. But this time the question had struck me as carrying some importance and so I set down to write the following to her about my view of Hawkings words. Little did I realize until after this article had been written and sent back to Genie, and she had read it, that the question was not her own but rather the title of an article she had found on MSN News and she thought I would be interested in reading it. We got a good laugh at the miscommunication and I’ve ended up with a much better entry for this month than if I had planned on writing it. Here is that answer:


Is Stephen right? Well, from my research I’m sorry to say that in a way he is, but his time scenario is off track. I do not normally speak of nor talk about such things because it is a source of inevitable fear, unnecessarily, but since you have asked the question I feel obligated to give an answer.

By limiting our basic understanding of history to what is socially acceptable and which generally creates less fear in our human society we discount the fact that this planet has been visited by extraterrestrials since even before recorded history began and MUFON’s very existence shows we still are. This is evidenced in many cave drawings, “dark age” paintings and some literature.


Even the Holy Scriptures, not only of the Hebrews but of many other cultures, speak of these visitations from “the heavens.” However the King James Version of the Hebraic/Christian Scriptures the message is carried one step forward. Jesus said he saw a great battle in the heavens where Satan and his angels were cast out of heaven into the Earth (IS 14:12; LU 10:18; RE 9:1-2). Notice that the indication in the passages here are that the dark angels were cast “into” not “onto” the Earth which here makes a great difference in the explanation of the overall, universal battle between the forces of good and evil when it is animalized. The fact is that the angels, according to Jesus, successfully drove Satan (Lucifer) and his band of renegade angels out of the heavens and, in their rebellious nature, they came to earth in a final attempt to get mankind’s loyalty hoping that the commitment of the YHWH’s finest creation would give them the power to regain their lost position in the Universe.


Thus, the answer to your question, “Could Steven be right?” is, in a way answered by a limited, “yes” he could be but only when keeping in mind that we do not know where all of these UFO’s are coming from and some could be coming from within the planet’s own atmosphere. In fact several people have claimed to see them arising from “the bottomless deep” (the oceans) large, natural lakes and rivers. With this in mind, it is important to realize that Stephen Hawkings denies any form of religiosity and thus would deny the idea that Jesus knew anything about universal societies or holy wars. However our own Holy Bible records that Earth has already been invaded by hostile spirits (fallen angels) whose main goal is to captivate mankind and persuade humans into performing battle against the Creative powers, the YHWH, themselves.


So, is Steven correct? Only partially. But keep in mind that since he does not specifically accept scriptures as statement of fact, then he does not have the whole picture. Is it possible that UFO’s have non-benevolent beings who could want only to enslave, encamp or destroy us here on earth? Of course it is possible, but the scenario described has already occurred in scriptural history and is not likely to occur again.


There are some preachers who have made the same assumptions about the visitations from other parts of the galaxy who gave no possible hope of good coming from space exploration. But the problem is a simple one, where do the UFO’s actually come from? Are they all absolutely from “outer space” as organizations like MUFON try to lead us to believe? Or have we already been invaded by rascal spirits who have taken over the minds and bodies of the human race?


Isn’t this the real message of most Protestant denominations on prophecy? Yet the simple fact is that the same prophecy which they preach so much about and which they argue so much about tells us that the battle between humans and the demons who seek to enslave us has already been won by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It goes on to tell us that the final victory when these demons, along with their leader, will be cast into “outer darkness” will be at the time when the “New Jerusalem” will come down from above even as Jesus left from Earth to the heavens.


What more can be said? Is Steven Hawkings right? Place his statement back over 6100 years ago and perhaps he was. But today we have the demonstrated truth, through Jesus, that our hope comes from above.



So What Did Ezekiel See?

During the past month I have found myself involved in a very interesting discussion concerning the experience many people report as having seen mysterious unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) specifically in the skies over Florida. While not a member of MUFON, I have tracked their activities online for several years and have read reports about such experiences and their opponents most of my life. The question is, without doubt, if these events are real physically, spiritually or simply activity of human imagination. While MUFON is attempting to be a scientifically oriented bibliographic cataloging of all such reports in the world, I’ve found myself still having some very important questions which I do not believe have been adequately answered when people try to either prove or disprove the existence of U.F.O.’s.

Why am I opening this topic up here on Espirational Faith? A person jumped onto the MUFON discussion board asking the question of why are people spending so much time reading such things as the MUFON board instead of reading the Bible or Qur’an. To this I asked a brief, but rather curt, question asking if these people telling about their spotting of an UFO were really any different than was the reported incident in the beginning of the Christian/Judaic scriptures where the prophet, Ezekiel saw a flying object which he reported as being a wheel in the center of a wheel. I asked the MUFON reader who asked the question about wasting time reading about UFO’s, as I now ask you: What did Ezekiel see? Are the people who have seen UFO’s seen the same or similar things?


Most people who have been approached with this question, or ones similar to it, in the past have found it distasteful because it takes an experience found in holy writ and “humanizes” it as a more common experience.  Many more conservative believers object to a “scientific” study of such things otherwise considered holy, afraid that such study may make the experience or object being discussed too common, remove the mystery, and cause it to be less attractive as concerning its faith value. But that has not stopped scientists and people of true faith from studying such things as biology and health sciences, archeology, astronomy, and others. While what the scientists say is often quite different than what is written in the worldly scriptures found in recorded history, almost yearly we could track how the evidence in scientific research gets closer and closer to being supportive of scriptural context.


So I am a strong supporter of collectively gathering what slim information we can about the UFO phenomena, and other phenomenal subjects like the Bermuda Triangle, etc.,  and trying to find a correlation of these reports in an attempt to determine what they are and why so many people are having these experiences. People as widely varied as farmers, truck drivers, air force pilots, Jimmy Carter before his first election as U.S. President, and yes, even a recognizable Old Testament prophet, Ezekiel.


Why do I place Ezekiel in with this group? Look at the facts, take this challenge yourself: Get a piece of blank paper and a pencil and a copy of the Book of Ezekiel found in a Bible or other collection of Jewish spiritual works. The assignment is quite simple. As the object is described to open that book which about the prophet, Ezekiel, that fateful day, draw it. Now, of course the “wheel in the middle of a wheel” was a way of describing what Ezekiel saw and was not the form of the object itself. People in the day this description was written simply did not have the experience nor words to describe what was being seen. So keep your picture simple, for we may perhaps still be without proper words to describe what was and is being seen..


What did you get? Look familiar? Using your imagination turn the object on its side and draw the feet, the “heads” or icons on the four sides, and other objects. The shape of the object seen should be as familiar to you as it is to me if you follow the study of unidentified flying objects, watch science fiction shows, or even just talk to friends about UFO’S much at all.


But what do you think? Should such studies be left alone, or are they an important point of discussion in an otherwise untapped field of knowledge? Is saying that Ezekiel possibly had a “UFO” encounter demeaning to the founders of the Christian/Judaic faiths, or can it be supportive and make them more accessible to the common person? I’m opening up this blog to discuss this topic because it has always been of interest to me and because I believe it to be important at this time to help bring the ancient faiths into our modern times. What do you think?