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"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." –The Apostle Paul

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Music in Our Souls


Music in Our Souls


Music is a wonderfully expressive means of universal power which can and does help a person experience within themselves emotions which would otherwise be hidden to us. Be that emotion one of love, peace, hope or any of a multitude of uplifting spirits, or more negative oriented spirits like fear, anger and bitterness, the emotional statement is more easily expressed when it is put to music.

According to the Christian/Hebraic Bible sound, which is of course the most essential element of music, was the very first indication of how this whole “Universe” thing began. In Moses’ book of Genesis he said that God was a Spirit, but he did not explain or define what was meant by the word “spirit.” Immediately after that he said that the Spirit, God, spoke. Well, by simple logic we know that speaking means sound and with this sound the rest of creation was spoken into existence.

Sound is at the heart of our very existence. We, as humans, seek it out. We are curious about it. Enjoy it. Study it. Many of us even spend hours doing nothing else than listening to it.

The intricate and beautiful compositions of instrumental and vocal musicians by those who study and perform the musical arrangements of today become things which enter our ears, vibrates our bodies and resonates in our souls throughout our lives, and beyond. This vibration of sound is an essential element in our minds and becomes a basis of our thoughts. Music, even without words, can give us stability, harmony, motivation and consistency. It can be, and in most instances is, the most basic life element to help us mold our souls into the type of being we want to be.

Recently there has been much research into how by listening to music, people with Alzheimer’s Disease can be helped to reduce their symptoms and reduce their prescribed medications, as reported by (cited: 8/24/2018). Music is also used to quiet the untamed beast within people in cases of anxiety, depression, anger and rage. It has been known by the people of eastern religions to be a source of peace and direction in life. And the Christian believers; Catholics, Protestants and New Thought believers alike, enjoy music of many types to express their faith in the Creator and the spirit within us.

Music, even without the vocalists, can send messages to others who can hear it even if the people listening to it or performing it do not speak the same language. The sound of a military band playing an austere march of patriotism as unto battle gives a totally different emotional message to those hearing it than does the sound heard from an orchestra playing Brahms’s lullaby.

We are made up of sound patterns which are ingrained from before birth which helps set a pattern for our lives. I recently experienced a wonderful, yet somewhat frustrating, incident in my life of having a major hearing problem. A medical doctor was able to fix the problem with my right ear somewhat simply, but the period of time I was almost deaf gave me the opportunity to realize just how basic sound is in my who spiritual makeup.

You see, during the whole time that I experienced not being able to hear people speak in a normal way, could not hear the radio, television or people on the phone, could not hear a dog bark nor birds sing, there was one thing I was hearing — though not with my ears. I had experienced this type of phenomena before, periodically ever since being a child. Most people have. But we learn to sublimate it; to ignore it. This phenomena of which I speak is that while I could not hear anything with my ears, I could hear music in my head. Constantly. Somewhat like on a radio with one musical piece being played after another. Usually these pieces were instrumental only, but if there were vocalists they were very seldom singing in English. The music seemed to be largely from my past. Things like many Christmas pieces, religious music I’ve heard all my life and major musical show tunes and some patriotic music. But there were some pieces which were unfamiliar to me, sung by voices which I could explain only as angelic. This music was beautiful, constant, and strangely comforting.

Now that I can hear more normally with my physical ears once again, the internal music which I experience is no longer as “distracting” as it was when it was the center of my “audio” life. But it’s still there. It lets me know, whenever I need to know, that I was created in a wonderful way and that God’s guidance and help never is but a song away.

What has been your experience with sound? Do you enjoy music, or is it an annoyance to you? I’d enjoy seeing your comments below. Please share your thoughts.



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Living a Spiritual Lifestyle


be filled with the Spirit, 19 speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord, 20 always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”EPH 5:18-20-NIV.



Genie and I have set the goal for ourselves of building a place where people can come on the internet to learn how to have a spiritual lifestyle, and how to enjoy doing so.

Spiritual lifestyle? What is that?

Well, it is first the recognition of who we really are and a fundamental understanding of why we exist. In order to have a good concept of who we, as humans, really are we must go beyond the childhood stories we all grew up with, beyond the concept that what we see around us happened by accident, and accept the fact that there is a life and intelligence in the universe’s make up far beyond anything which we, in our finite minds, can imagine.

We must recognize that we are, indeed, created to reflect that central power of the perfect love which assembled this cosmos. As such reflection we can be blessed (or made happy) by simply realizing that we can fit into this universe by recognizing how we are meant to be the reflections of the one who created us.

Confused? You needn’t be. It’s like when you look in a mirror and see your reflection looking back at you. When you see the reflected image you know it is but just a reflection of light, that it moves according to how you move. If you were not standing there in front of the mirror there would be no reflection of you. The same is true with our spiritual imagery of our creator, God.

Since we believe that our creator is agape love, and that all things exist due to this universal life force, then we must determine what it means to reflect that power in the physical universe since we are physical beings. Too many people never learn of, or accept the aspect of their lives which allows us to believe that we are more than physical objects which can think, more than animals, more than accidents. But once a person accepts these facts they find a beautiful multidimensional universe open before them which is not only awe inspiring but also exciting, beautiful, empowering and comforting.

But what do we do with this experience and knowledge of being spiritual beings? Knowing that we are more than just highly evolved animals on this unique planet in the Milky Way galaxy is quite an awe inspiring experience in itself. But what do you do with that knowledge?

Well after a person sets for a while in the amazement of what they had just learned of our true origins, they begin wanting to learn ways to apply this knowledge and live the life of a person who is more than just a physical animal. At that point we start seeking how to live a spiritual life.

So, what is a spiritual life?

Does one need to put on special clothing and go walking through the city streets praying loudly and proclaiming what they believe to be spiritual truths to everyone in the area? Not according to Jesus, the Christ. He said clearly that such action was the sign of a dangerous messenger when he said,

“Beware of the teachers of the law. They like to walk around in flowing robes and love to be greeted with respect in the marketplaces and have the most important seats in the synagogues and the places of honor at banquets.”

Luke 20:46-KJV

Instead he said that when we pray we should do so privately, without great showmanship:

“But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”


But there is more. Much more. Besides the skills of prayer taught by Jesus, and the need to meditate encouraged by Solomon in the book of Proverbs and by other esthetics throughout the world there is the need to learn to place our faith into action. Without action promoted by one’s faith a person’s recognition of their spiritual existence is essentially without effect. Thus Jesus gave his “Sermon on the Mount” message as found in the Bible’s book of Matthew chapters 5, 6, and 7 with some detailed instructions on how to live in such a way as to show one’s spirituality. That is, how to live in a way as to reflect our Creator in a respectful way.

Now this set of instructions is more than just saying that a person should or should not do certain things as are recorded in the Ten Commandments by Moses or other religious leaders throughout the world. The sermon principles of spirituality given by Jesus in his mount sermon goes beyond the requirements of the law’s physical actions and shows that it is more the intent of the person doing these things than it is the action themselves. In example, in his mount sermon Jesus said:

“Ye have heard that it was said of them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment: But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.”

MAT 5:21-22–KJV

This, along with most of the other points made by Jesus in this teaching on the mount, emphasized the importance of how one’s thoughts are more important than actions in the application of proper spiritual application in one’s life. It therefore is clearly understood that a person can more easily control their actions outwardly (of not killing or injuring the person one is angry with) than to control one’s own thoughts of perhaps being angry with that person and yet to sway that anger and be able to show that other person love and respect regardless the circumstances. To do this one must obtain the ability to control one’s own emotions. And in order to control the emotional powers within us we must accept the guidance of the example of Jesus and the lifestyle he led.

People are living souls made up of two distinct parts: The first few chapters of Moses’ book of Geneses states is very clearly. God took the dust of the Earth and made us physical bodies, then he breathed into us the “breath of life,” and the combination of these caused man to become a living soul. Nothing so mysterious about this. People have done much the same thing with many of our creations like automobiles. People took earth elements (metals, plastics, etc.) and shaped them into the form of a car, truck, etc. then added fuel (gasoline) and the two together became a vehicle. The only difference in this concept is that the soul has a spirit which was placed within us which cannot be measured nor “scientifically” proven. I go into much detail about this soul creation concept in my book called Maintenance Manuel for the Soul which you can read free on our Website by clicking this link.

So back to the original question: How do we live a spiritual lifestyle? What is it? To put it simply, everyone lives a spiritual life of some sort every day they are breathing and moving on this planet with emotions of some sort surging through them minute by minute. And emotions are spirit. We are either happy, or sad; angry or thankful; loving or fearful. We often find ourselves feeling as though our emotions are somewhat out of control with little or nothing we can do to change our direction of how we feel or respond to life’s situations as they appear to us.

But, indeed, we do have a choice of response to the various life events as they occur. As shown by the Christ in his life here on Earth, we must first recognize the fact of who we are and then choose who we will both serve and allow to be our central guiding and controlling spirit. As I just mentioned, everyone at any moment is controlled by a spirit, an emotion or attitude. This can be an excellent spirit such as peace, hope or wisdom, or it could be a destructive spirit. This choice process can be out of control and chaotic, where a person’s spirit can change from good emotions to bad ones from day to day, hour to hour, or sometimes even minute by minute. In severe cases the person is given a psychological label and placed somewhere away from society for the “common good” of all concerned.

But to live a spiritual lifestyle we must first recognize that we do have a place within us, a spiritual control center, which must be occupied by some central spirit. Our choice.

Some people choose to have spirits of light be their guiding spirit while others choose spirits of darkness. In order to live a fulfilling lifestyle of peace, hope and love I believe it important to choose the spirit/s which are most closely related to the way the universe was created. That is, since the universe was obviously created on a balance with all living things on an equilibrium, the spirit we choose must be the one which created this universe in which we live. That being agape-love. How do we know this? How do we get acquainted with this spirit? Through the Spirit of Truth whom the Christ said he is in John 14:6. Thus, the only way to obtain a true spiritual lifestyle is through the seeking out and living of the Truth which Jesus, the Christ, lived his life to teach us.

So how do we express the God life available within us of agape love? That is what the message of the Christian New Testament which tells of the life of Jesus, the Christ, is all about. It is what my “Maintenance Manuel” and the uncountable books on Christian living is attempting to explain to us. To live with God, agape-love, in control means we see beyond the immediate circumstances which can be affecting our situations and are able to see the God-Spirit within other people  –  whether they know it is there or not. We are able to see this, and say “Namaste’” as the Orientals oft do, and act in a loving way toward that fellow human, even if they do not return such favor to us.

To live a spiritual life is, therefore, not to make an obvious show of being holy. It is not to wear special clothing nor to make long, well prepared public prayers for all to see and hear. It is not even going out on the street corner and shouting, “I am a believer!” – So what? How do you respond when you are under attack, just or unjust? What do you believe when you are ill, broke, or lonely? Are you able to still be happy for your fellow humans when they are experiencing happy events which seem to evade you? Are you still willing to reach out a hand of help to someone who in his or her previous breath was cursing you?

To live a spiritual life, we must study and instill within us the spirit we want most to control us and then to allow that spirit to motivate our every thought, our every move, our very selves. That is what this Web-site is about. We encourage you to read our literature, use these lessons to help you understand better how to live the Christ lifestyle. Follow Genie’s blog for her daily inspirational quotes to help you stay on track toward a spiritual lifestyle. Together we can get to our goal of bringing the light of God into view in this physical universe.



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Let’s Celebrate Our Creativity

So who’s creative? Have you ever heard anyone say that they just were not a creative person? Come on, I’ve even said it at times. . . that is until Genie hears me and reminds me how I was made. We are all creative. Every single one of us. Everyone. Some are just more fortunate to have people around them to encourage that fundamental aspect of our lives than others.

That’s why Genie and I have created All Things Espirational, the parent site to this blog you are reading right now even though it has gone online several years after the blog was created. We want it to be a place online where everyone can get together with other people who recognize their God likeness and celebrate our ability to create a more beautiful world.

If you read my article a couple of months ago I tried to answer the question of “So What IS The Creative Spiritual Lifestyle?” If you have not read that article yet, I am inviting you to do so now to help you comprehend better why we are celebrating the gift of creativity during this month of June.

Here’s the link to that article. Go ahead and read it now, I’ll wait here.

Now just take a few moments and think about the gift of Creativity.

It is a wonderfully powerful gift which makes it possible for any one of us to change what seems to the world to be absolute into something else which is otherwise only possible at its best.

Creativity makes it possible to take what one has, like an inventor does with their home full of “stuff” and be able to eventually find a way to create an electric light bulb using the scrapings from a skillet they were washing. Creativity is the ability to take a paint brush and place it to canvas and create a picture which not only represents life as it really is, but also motivates people to become involved with life enough to change those things which should not be.

Creativity can be the force behind these great things, yes. But it is more than that. It takes a creative person to raise a child to be healthy, happy and resourceful when the parent of that child is struggling with health, disappointment and finances themselves. Creative ways of dealing with these challenges appear through people every day. Unsung. Unnoticed. Oft times unmentioned.

Creativity is no respecter of persons. It appears in people with no regard to skin color, religious faith or lack of it, educational background or even economic status.

What it takes is a person who is willing to be open to seeing things in a new way, to having an open mind and heart, and to be accepting of the idea that “Yes, those who think they are not creative are right, I do think in strange ways at times. That’s why I’m creative.”

So who is creative? As I mentioned before, everyone is creative. For some, this very idea could be disheartening. Disgusting. Who wants to go through life always seeing things in possible ways different than they really are or as they have been accepted to be traditionally for centuries? Wouldn’t that be confusing?

Oh, but wait a moment. Is tradition necessarily good? Where would we be today if the leaders of the planet still believed that the planet, Earth, is flat instead of as Columbus proved as being round. Or what of those people 50 to 100 years ago who said that man could never sit foot on the moon?

Genie showed just how valuable in daily living creativity can be when she discovered that she definitely had a food intolerance to gluten (wheat, rye and barley). At first she went through several grief symptoms like loosing an old friend. But soon she started allowing her personal creativity take control and she began discovering creative ways to substitute foods with new products she discovered by her reading and other studies. Now we eat a wider variety of foods than we did before with a larger selection of flavors and textures than we otherwise would have known existed. You can read about this story in Genie’s cookbook, The Gluten-Free Good Life, available on the Espirational Book Shelf.

Everyone has experiences like this, though possibly perhaps not so dramatic. You find yourself in a challenging situation and know things must change. You’re not sure how to do it, but you come up with a solution to your problem and eventually the problem is resolved. Perhaps in a commonly acceptable way to society, but perhaps in totally unexpected ways. However it occurs, your previously not thought of resolution to your challenge is your creativity.

The ability and freedom to be creative deserves to be celebrated.

That brings us back to the idea that the month of June here at Espirational. June is the month to celebrate creativity. Come on, everyone, it’s time to CELEBRATE!!!

Some of you may wonder why we call our Web presence “Espirational.” It’s simply a play on words, but one we hope you all will catch on to and help us develop into a fun concept to pass on to your friends and families.

We are wanting the Espirational family of Websites to be where everyone comes to be inspired. The formula looks like this:

Inspiration + Electronic Web Communication = Espirational Communications

People surf the Web daily to find people, places and things. Much of this is to help them be inspired to do something creative with their time, efforts or money. We are hoping All Things Espirational can be an online gathering place for everyone to come and share how the creative lifestyle has changed and improved their lives.

We are hoping people will share their creative experiences, whether that be as an artist or as a parent. Whatever you find is inspiring to you could most likely be inspiring to others. We want this site to be a place where you can feel free to tell your stories. To encourage others. To allow your creative light to shine.

To emphasize just how important Genie and I believe such service to our fellow Earth spiritual citizens is, we have decided to give you, and everyone else, free copies of our newest book in hopes of it helping you find your true self and help you learn how to care for yourself and others better. You can get your free copy of A Maintenance Manual for the Soul by clicking the title here. There is no charge for this book, in keeping of the command of Jesus, The Christ, who said, “Freely you have received, freely give.” All we ask is that if you get a copy of this book or read it online that you tell your friends about it also or give them a book of their own to read at no cost to them.

We want your ideas. We need your suggestions on how to improve this site and make it more inviting and fun for you and others to spend some time here and be encouraged to be creative in everything you do in life. Please leave your comments, ideas, suggestions, and stories in the “Comment” area below.

Now go on to All Things Espirational and LET’s CELEBRATE!





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So What IS The Creative Spiritual Lifestyle?

The first thing we learn when reading the Holy Bible’s Pentateuch written by Moses is that Jehovah, God, is a creator. Common knowledge, you may say. And the first thing this creator did was to set forth universal, interdimensional, time-limitless instructions to create certain things: like light, stars, planets, plants, animals, birds, insects, and countless other things – including humans. Most everyone has at some time asked, or at least wondered within their own minds, how any being could create all these things and people we see around us if nothing existed before such creation. The answer to such a question can only be answered through a circular response: The creation of all existence was possible because God was and is creative. And he wants us to be also.

“Say what?”

God commanded to his angels that he wanted to make people into his or their image. One of the first things this should then bring to mind is that he desires us to be wonderfully creative beings expressing his love of knowledge, wisdom, beauty and mystery in all that we do. This is to be a celebration of helping the Creator bring light into darkness, order out of chaos and love over fear.

But how does one live creatively?

First one must look at the natural state of things, as they were before people became involved with them, and not only recognize the beauty and order of such existence but also realize its natural order. It is only when we can look at an untouched wilderness that we can realize the fact that the most creative thing we can do sometimes is to leave it alone.

Then, after truly experiencing the original creation perhaps for the first time, we should feel the urge to merge with it. Now this does not mean becoming naked and leaving the city to live like a hermit in the back woods and hunting or gathering your food from the natural resources there. No, instead it is a recognition that even as God created what we see and experience around us, including ourselves, it was essentially created out of His own essence. Creativity within ourselves is much the same.

Being creative is more than setting at a hung canvas with paint pallet in one hand and a brush in another to replicate what one might see before them which has already existed. While a tremendous skill, creativity only enters the picture when the artist steps outside the rheum of duplication and into the dimension of possibilities. A dimension of unnoticed beauty, unrecognized emotional messages and unpredictable outcomes.

Creativity is more, also, than just sitting at a keyboard or with pencil or pen in hand and placing a mass of words on a page as I am doing now. Words that simply describe reality or attempt to explain possibilities usually are written mechanically and show very little true creativity with unique solutions to life challenges for even just one of us if not us all.

Creativity is the ability to look at something and to see beyond the obvious to the grand possibilities which that something contains if limited thinking is dismissed. To do this one must first put away childish toys but keep the ability to have childhood dreams and the imaginations which go with them. We must push away from us the negativity of the dark and fearful world which encroaches upon us from the moment of birth and recognize the spiritual light, joy and love which can help us create, through the power of faith, a wonderful life now filled with health, friendships, beauty and basic needs without extreme struggle. In short, we can create Heaven on Earth if we but just believe and live the creative spiritual lifestyle as if we believed it is truly possible – because it is.

So draw, paint, carve or sew that picture. Write those words so incessantly haunting you. Live in service to your fellow human. Enjoy purity and possibilities. Create a vision in any way you can of of how life could be and how we can make it better. We are the children of God, sons and daughters of the Almighty Creator. Even as a dog reproduces a puppy after its own kind even so has God created we, his children, like himself. Thus since God is a Creator and we are his offspring, even so are we creators. Let’s all go out and purpose to create a better place for us all to live.



(Ad innum: To help those of us desiring to live a creative spiritual lifestyle, Genie and I are in the process of setting up a new Web-site which we call: “All Things Espirational.” It will be open in May with a Grand Opening Celebration planned for the whole month of June. Lots of fun, prizes, discounts and a new free e-zine called “Espirational Happenings” is planned. You are invited to follow Genie’s blog at to get more details on this celebration of creativity as they develop. Or you can go right to in May to see our preview.)  

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New Year – Old Wars

This article was written as an answer to a post made by a person in a discussion forum several weeks ago. I am reposting this today, New Year’s Day of 2018, as my response to her and anyone else’s fearful statements to the way terrorism seems to have a goal of annihilating everyone who are not Islamic and how it appears the only thing that can be done is to oppose such a religious faith violently. There is another way.



Believe me I understand how you feel about how Islam seems as violent as to want everyone who is not of their religion dead. But it is a religion, now hundreds of years old, regardless what we or others call it. My intent in replying to your comment is not to argue with you, but to give another point of view.
Let me ask this, in reality, are any other religions truly much different? We know that the Islamic faith sprung from the tribes’ ancestors by two brothers’ conflict. Most people of faith have read the Old Testament and wondered about the Hebrews being told to perform one battle after another, slaughtering whoever stood in their way, to take over the land promised to Abraham. And the Christians? From the time that believers in Jesus, the Christ, were forced out of Jerusalem in 66 A.D. Christians have stood at attention ready for military battle to defend our faith; believing that if they did not, then who would? This can be seen in international conflicts like the Christian Crusades, and more localized conflicts like the enduring war between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland.
But have those armed military conflicts really settled anything? Oh, certainly you can point at the United States and proclaim that had it not been for the armed revolution against the British that the Freedom of Religion would not be known in that country, or anywhere else. Freedom of religion? Defined how? While the whole purpose of this clause in American government was to sever the relationship between religion and government, it seems that today certain extremists Christian believers are proclaiming that instead the clause means freedom only for those who believe in Christianity. This, therefore, is an action toward establishing Christianity as the state religion, and to make things worse, those who are shouting this should be done are also declaring that anyone who does not believe in Jesus as the Christ should have no rights or possibly be killed. Now tell me, how different is that than what you found in the Quran?
Let’s take just a few moments and reason this whole mess out. WWJD?
Most certainly it is not a pleasant experience to suddenly realize that there are major, and I mean extremely major groups and forces who may feel it is their duty and responsibility to the God they worship to annihilate the rest of us. But, not to make excuses for these peoples’ actions nor to imply they are right, the Islamic/Mohammedan people have, in the past, experienced the same treatment at the hands of the Jews and Christians. The immutable conflict between the two brothers has been on an international, interreligious battleground for millennial ages now and has spread worldwide with no foreseeable end in sight.
So just what is this battle? Is it really who owns a piece of land in the Mid-East? Is our battle really who has been given the true access to the Creator, God of this physical universe?
I can tell you through my years of experience in the study of people, societies and human religions that the people who claim and try to live the Islamic religion are, in their hearts, no more naturally violent than anyone else – Christian or not. Now this can be offensive speech when heard by many Christian believers; but how many true believers have you ever known who would not explain away the words of Christ when it came to explaining their reasons for having a right, a duty, to defend themselves and their families? Yet is this the Christ message they are declaring, or is it something each one of us learn from the time we are born that is our “sacred” duty to do – or be shamed? This radical declaration of possible violent defense of the Christian belief systems is actually no different than what I have heard from the few radical Muslims I have had discussions with. The teaching of ones right and responsibility to defend their religious roots and existence is universal, though the roots may be on different religious plants.
But there is a different group of people in every religion, every country, and every group of well-meaning individuals who are less than benevolent, less than pure, less than holy. While there are people in every religion in the world who try to live a pure, clean and holy life, Christian, Jewish, Islamic and other religions alike, there are others who would prefer to disrupt the balance and claim such spiritual riches as being theirs and their groups’ alone. These extremists are the ones who declare that everyone who does not believe as they do and/or serve their purpose should die. They are the political activists who consider no compromise. They are, in short, the terrorists.
Fear is a terrible taskmaster. But, instead of the popular t-shirts with the slogan printed on them stating, “No Fear,” we, as Christians, should be holding up a banner proclaiming “Pure Love.” We are in a spiritual battle during this age, as stated in one of the “Lost Gospels” where the conflict is over good vs. evil, light vs. darkness and truth vs. lies. The truth which Jesus proclaimed is to not fear those who proclaim that darkness and defeat is inevitable, because if we believe that then our actions will become such as to cause that fear to become reality. No our instructions given by Christ was to “occupy” until he returns. Notice there is no mention of doing battle or slaughtering everyone who refuses to believe in Christ. We are to simply occupy. (LUK 19:13)
Strange, isn’t it? If we were all to simply occupy and serve God, as we know him, in our own ways without attempting to say, as would little children, “My God is better, bigger, more powerful than your God,” then go about our daily lives serving God as best we know how, it seems that could be a taste of heaven on Earth?
What do you think?

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The Emerging Church

“Returning to Essentials”
Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hospitality is the practice that keeps the church from becoming a club, a members-only society. —Diana Butler Bass [1]

Practical, practice-based Christianity has been avoided, denied, minimized, ignored, delayed, and sidelined for too many centuries, by too many Christians who were never told Christianity was anything more than a belonging or belief system. Now we know that there is no Methodist or Catholic way of loving. There is no Orthodox or Presbyterian way of living a simple and nonviolent life. There is no Lutheran or Evangelical way of showing mercy. There is no Baptist or Episcopalian way of visiting the imprisoned. If there is, we are invariably emphasizing the accidentals, which distract us from the very “marrow of the Gospel,” as St. Francis called it. We have made this mistake for too long. We cannot keep avoiding what Jesus actually emphasized and mandated. In this most urgent time, “it is the very love of Christ that now urges us” (2 Corinthians 5:14).

Quaker pastor Philip Gulley superbly summarizes how we must rebuild spirituality from the bottom up in his book, If the Church Were Christian. [2] Here I take the liberty of using my own words to restate his message, which offers a rather excellent description of Emerging Christianity: . . . .

(Please click here to read rest of this article by Richard Rohr, from his Daily Meditations in The Center for Action and Contemplation Blog called “The Emerging Church,” dated November 30, 2017.)

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About That Flag Thing

Hi everyone. Bob here. Just a note to let you know that the month of October has been a dry month in the writing area for me, but Genie, my wife,  has been having much more happening in that area this month. Therefore I have asked her to allow me to place an article given to her through the spiritual rheum which fits better in my blog and makes a very important point in truth. Genie and I attempt to live our lives even as Paul declared boldly that he lived his. He stated that he was indeed a citizen of Rome (ACT 16:21-38 & 22:22-27) and of the Hebrew/Jewish clan (ACT 21:39), but that he was foremost a believer in the Christ, Jesus (ACT 19:4). To this Genie and I proclaim with Paul’s court testimony that we are citizens of the United States, still a member of the United Nations, we are descendant members of the Protestant Churches of the World, but first and foremost we are believers in Jesus, the Christ and his father to whom we give our allegiance.

As citizens of this country, which has since its birth proclaimed to be “one nation, under God” it concerns us when we see activity which shows that proclamation to be challenged. Something done quite often it seems. That is what this article by Genie is about. One of those challenges. Thanks, Genie, for allowing me to put this article in my blog this month. The “stage” is yours:



by: Rogene A. Robbins


I do tend to get political on my personal Facebook account. but I try to keep politics and other matters that divide us and make us believe we are separated from God and each other out of Espirational.  But… when I wake up with a blog post I would not choose to write writing itself I get up and start typing.

So what about that flag thing?  Is it un-American to not stand, salute, place your hand over your heart, sing the National Anthem or pledge allegiance to the flag of our country?  If we choose to sit or stand in silent prayer are we dishonoring the flag, our country, war veterans living and dead?  Should people really  be forced to stand for the National Anthem or say the pledge of allegiance?  What slippery slope will that take us down?

I live in Oklahoma, a state that is so conservative our dirt is even red.  When we go into our small town for events it is not unusual for the singing of the national anthem and/or the pledge of allegiance to be used to open the meeting or festivities.  So what do I do?  If I am already standing I stand quietly with my hands at my sides.  If I am sitting I remain seated.  Why?

I pledge allegiance to no one and nothing  but God.  Isn’t pledging our allegiance to our country or even just a symbol of it idol worship?

Let’s read the words of the first two of the Ten Commandments from Exodus, Chapter 20.

“And God spake all these words, saying,

I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.”

In the wilderness the people of God chose to worship a golden calf while Moses was on the mountain receiving God’s law.  In our modern-day wilderness our worship is nationalism, electing a political leader to make American “great”, Christian, and white again even if it means going against the Creator.  Some of us even display the flag, one of our national symbols in our churches.  Things change, but they really stay the same, don’t they?

When will we stop looking outside for  help, answers, and leadership when the Spirit of God is within each of us?  Turning back to God isn’t about belonging to a certain church, blindly following a leader, excluding certain groups from society or even standing for the national anthem.  Turning back to God is as simple as realizing that God is still here, within each and every one of us, looking to the Spirit of God for guidance and living as followers of the way.


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