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"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." –The Apostle Paul

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Christmas Greetings 2016

OK Genie, put away that camera and let’s get up to your kitchen where you can serve me a pound of that roast you cooked — I’m STARVING!!!

The sleigh is empty, the deer are in the barn, and I’ve changed out of that overstuffed winter survival suit.





May the Christ Child be born in your heart.

                            MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!


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Is There Room Within You?

Almost everyone on this planet called Earth has now heard this story about the Hebraic couple who had found themselves in the difficult situation of being required to go to their family’ s hometown by the Roman government to be counted in their national census. Though this couple reportedly had never yet experienced coupling, she was pregnant and large with child with no other transportation available than a borrowed donkey which her husband had lead across the rugged terrain for many miles. The importance of the child that Mary, then just a young teenage girl, was carrying was, in the couple’s minds, of unbelievable importance: They believed this child to be the son of the living Hebrew God – their Messiah. Yet, because of the fact that it took them so long to make the trek to Bethlehem by the time they got to town there was no room in any of the inns or anyone’s homes for them to stay. So this couple had to accept staying in a stall-room, a manger, with a farmer’s animals to have a place to sleep. That night Mary had her baby, and that baby grew up to change the world through the words he spoke and the life he lived. You’ve heard this story, yearly, at this time of year. It’s the true reason for Christmas for Christians. But there’s more. . . .
       Whether you can believe the miraculous events reported in the Holy Bible or not, like the virgin birth, the angelic visitations, and others is here unimportant. They are part of the story of how this Messiah was born as reported by several witnesses. What is important here is one’s understanding of the spiritual message of this birth and the life of this one named Jesus who was born that night. Put simply: Is there room in your inn for the true, universal, invisible church of the one and only God of the universe to have his only begotten son?
       Now please understand, I am not preaching for any certain denomination or worldly church. That is not my calling, that’s not what I do. I am not a preacher. But I am a messenger who tries to reveal hidden truths in things which have been hidden for centuries. Hidden, strangely, in plain site.
       But, once again I ask, is there room in you for the spirit of the Christ child, the son of God, the Messiah of not only the Jews and Hebrews but of all of mankind to be born, have room to grow and help make this world a better place to be? You may believe you already have done so. But if you only have a head knowledge of this one called Christ, if you only know his historical records and the stories about him, then you know him only as another man. A man who changed the world, for sure, but head knowledge alone does not make the distinction of a man of history and a man of Spirit – of God.
       Gautama, the Buddha, in his trek to find truth, finally told his disciples at the end of his life that yes there is a truth to be known but that he should not be the one to be worshipped. He claimed only to be a teacher. This is generally the message which has been proclaimed by all of the great religious founders and teachers throughout the ages. “Don’t worship me,” is their essential message, “worship God.” Yes, even Jesus said, quoting a book in the Old Testament, said, “. . . it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.” (LUK 4:8)
       But in this world as we know it of social, political, economic, and spiritual extremes where time is not only of the essence but demanded by every issue imaginable how do we make room within our hearts and minds for a simple thought of hope and love to be born? Is it possible that you have delegated the message of truth to stable conditions within your mind, thinking it’s message to be as just more animal dung on the stable floor?
       Awake, oh earthly citizens, and see the true light of the Spirit of God on this dawning of the third day since the first advent of Christ. The first beams of light are coming from the sunrise and are offering light to those who choose to see. Put aside your fears, your hatred, your anger and your worldly ways which lead to confusion and learn from he who was sent to show us the way.
       Knowing the history of Jesus, the Christ, is only the beginning. At least you have given space for his name to be born. But the message of Christ is much more than history. It is more than what any one denomination is teaching about his history or philosophical or theological theory. The message of the Messiah is greater than world conquest, as seems to have been the goal of many who claim to worship this Messiah during the past year.  The message of this Christ of God, this savior of mankind, is not that our “tribe” is to overcome the nations of this world through worldly means, but how to overcome the corruption which the world has caused within our own lives through Spiritual means. Through this understanding will the corruption of the world then be exterminated.
       Thus my plea to you is simple. If you do not know this one named Jesus, who is the Christ, then find room within yourself to learn of him. Get acquainted with him. If you already know of him, then learn from him. Learn the religion of Jesus and be set free from the spiritual, emotional struggles which trap you like in a prison from experiencing love, hope, joy and peace. You simply must move beyond the heady historical knowledge of this man named “Jesus” to his truth in the Spirit.
       Learn the religion of the Christ. Make room in your heart for Jesus.



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At the Solstice, on the Precipice: Good, Evil and the Future of Life on Earth

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