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"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." –The Apostle Paul

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Paris terror and Christian response to evil

I am reblogging an article by Derek Maul which appeared on his blog on Saturday, November 14, 2015 titled Paris Terror and Christian
Response to Evil due to its timely significance being right after a terrorist bombing of that city and its spiritual importance of the teaching of truth and how to achieve peace. This is definitely an Espirational article.

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 Therefore take up the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to withstand on that evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm. – Ephesians 6:10-20

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I have very little time to post this morning; but I feel that I need to say something about Paris. I’m especially sensitive to the idea of evil at the moment, as my men’s group is studying “The Armor of God.” and one of the key ideas in the passage (Ephesians 6:10-20) is equipping ourselves to face the malevolent intentions of evil.

First, and I can’t say this strongly enough, the Paris attacks were the work of evil, not Islam. The agenda of ISIS has nothing to do with God, and everything to do with the purposes of evil.

Evil destroys, it never creates. God – the Creator – builds up, encourages, moves forward…

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“This discussion is ended,” declared the Creator to the High Spiritual Council. “I am sending my son to Eden. Someone must be their example as to how to live a life of purity or they will eventually destroy themselves. By sending my son, they will have evidence of a righteous life and will know, themselves, the Spirit of Truth.”

The courtroom was silent for the first time in days of what seemed to be endless debate between the seven most creative spirits in the universe. (1) Though now that the decision had been made the other spirits of the council would bow to his authority and make possible that which was declared to be done.

There had previously been extreme concerns expressed. “Surely we can teach mankind how to live peacefully together,” said the Spirit of Knowledge.

“But they do not comprehend such teachings. They believe that each of their tribes are the only ones who have the right to that knowledge,” declared the Spirit of Understanding. “They take the simple knowledge of everyone being created equal and make it something complicated, declaring the knowledge to be only for themselves and no one else.”

“We should teach specific ways of living and making decisions through carefully chosen people who can then teach them to others,” insisted the Spirit of Wisdom.

“Oh, but we’ve already tried that,” explained the Spirit of Counsel, “several times. We gave immutable wisdom to Solomon. Gautama will be an excellent student of such power even though he will not even know the history of Solomon, or even of Jehovah’s son. And how many others have there been or will there be? But their students pay little heed and actually confuse their teachings once they are gone to say only what the students want them to say. It’s like they have created our God into their own image.”

“To this,” declared the Spirit of Might, “it is obvious that in order for these people of Eden, which they call Earth, to ever be controllable then we must force them to observe our ways.”

But to this Jehovah, the Spirit of Agape Love, spoke up and said, “That too has been tried which only brought forth further chaos, war and unbelief. No we need to do it differently. I must send my son, the Spirit of Truth, to them that they might see that the things we’ve been trying to teach them are true and can lead them to peace and abundance.”

“They will kill him,” coldly stated the Spirit of Fear. This spirit, while consistently honoring of the Creator and the rest of the YHWH high council, seemed, as his name implied, cold and calculating and honoring to them only out of self-preservation. He was always attempting to persuade people that they must honor the Creator or be destroyed.

However this time Jehovah had a different idea. “True,” he declared, “they will kill him. So be it. If by the death of my son he can teach mankind the value of loving one another then our creation will thereby be perfected. Death is not the most powerful thing in the universe and cannot overcome my power of love.”

Okay, admittedly there is no evidence of such an event as the story given above ever happening. But it sets forth a scenario much more easily understood by the modern mind than often found in the world’s religions today. What if spirits, which are emotions, are actually simply other dimensional beings with their own powers, knowledge and ability to communicate? Are we ready to accept the idea that perhaps we are led by the wrong spirit and thus the chaotic condition of this world?

When the Spirit of Love declared that his son, the Spirit of Truth (which is already known to be Jesus, the Christ) was to be sent to Earth it was not without great consideration. But due to the Creator’s love for his creation he was willing to allow his son to come show us the way of the truth, and lead us to the life. A life of love, hope and peace.

This is the path that the wise ones of the ages have attempted to guide us to throughout the ages. It is the truth sought out by those who are wise. It is the hidden wisdom which is taught by the world’s truest religions. And it is that which is known by those who know the Spirit of God and who can hear that still, small voice within them.

During the coming holiday season, regardless the religious path you follow or the traditions you hold to, I hope you will contemplate upon the story I just told. While there is no evidence that it occurred as I told it in a universal courtroom, I feel assured that it did happen. And because of this major decision we humans of this planet can know the truth as we have an example of what the truth is, and what it can do. Please be aware and declare during this holiday season that the truth can be born in us, and that we can all live in harmony as our Creator intended.



  1. Isaiah 11:2-KJV