Espirational Faith

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." –The Apostle Paul


Life Interrupted

Hi everyone. Well, I’m back. I hope you are still with me. Sorry about the long absence but I guess my ambitions got ahead of my timing on this one and sometimes some things just have to be delayed regardless how important they may be. With Genie and my move to Oklahoma and buying a house trailer close to a lake there, plus some medical issues and trying to keep our financial, and mental, situations under control my time was consumed and something had to take a back burner. Sorry, but this blog became one of those somethings. I’m sure you’ve most likely experienced incidents or time periods in your life like this also. You are going along doing your normal daily living routine; waking in the morning going to work, walking through your daily routine which, regardless how challenging at times, seems mundane. Then you  go home and performing standard responsibilities for either yourself and/or your family. Then trying to find time to relax and eventually experiencing climbing into the warmth of your bed. But then something happens. An emergency occurs. Someone gets sick who you care about, perhaps yourself. Someone could even die. Your child’s school calls about your child having a problem there considered an emergency. One of your elderly parents wandered away from the nursing home where he or she was being cared for and they need your help to find them. Suddenly your mundane life is no longer mundane. How does one cope with such interruptions in their life? How do you respond to the fact of going along rather bored with the repetitive nature of your daily routine, but at the same time that routine giving  you a sense of security, to suddenly have that pattern of doing things intruded upon to the point that nothing seems to be the same? Is your faith strong enough to carry you through such times without you becoming overwhelmed and ultimately blaming God for your troubles? This is truly where the practices of prayer and meditation are of most value and are practiced most by the majority of people. But for these practices to be able to give us the most peace and answers to our challenges through such circumstances we must practice them during the best and even the mundane times of our lives also. That way they are an important part of our life which becomes our “power source” to draw upon during times of trouble. During the past few months Genie and I have been practicing routine nightly meditations with music from You Tube users designed just for such practice. Now that spring is approaching in our areas I plan on going on morning walks with Genie for sunrise, which are beautiful here. Though I have problems getting up for these morning walks, I really enjoy them and it starts the day off right. Oh, and I also check out’s daily thought for the day, where Genie gives us a daily quote or some other tidbit to start our days with a positive thought. What are your routine spiritual connection habits which you feel are helpful to keep you connected to your “power source,” the Creator? Please tell us about them here so perhaps readers of this blog can find better ways to stay connected to our Creative Source during times of trouble when life is interrupted.