Espirational Faith

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." –The Apostle Paul

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The Roots of Faith

:Humans, homo-sapiens, the “thinking man,” –We seem innately programmed to have faith in a supreme being. Rather that supreme being is some distant entity which placed us here to populate this planet for whatever reason, a “god” or “gods” walking on this planet among us right now, an intelligent energy force which penetrates and energizes all else in the universe, or some combination of these ideas are all ideas which have been presented by philosophers through the ages.

These ideas of mankind’s origins seem to spring from one particular incident or time in our history which can be found in numerous historical and religious pieces of literature. The “worldwide” flood.” Whether a person has been raised to believe in the Christian scriptures as the owners of this site have been, or raised to believe in some other cultural religion such as an American Indian faith, Asian faith, or an African faith somewhere in their faith’s historical origins one can usually find the story of this catastrophic “worldwide” flood.

From this flood has reportedly sprung forth today’s form of mankind and our modern society and, thus, the basis of our modern religious faiths.

I would like this first discussion in this blog to be about this planetary story of the worldwide flood which set the stage for our current view of who mankind is on a universal basis. Regardless of your religious affiliation, would you please help us track down the origins of this story about “the worldwide flood”?

Please tell us your first name and the initial of your last name, in *  what country and region of that country do you live currently, and what religious faith are you going to give information about. Please give references to actual documentation of where the flood story can be found for your religious faith. For instance, in Christianity it is found in the Holy Bible (NIV), Genesis  6:9 – 9:11.  Please link your reference to an online source if possible. Please give a brief synopsis of the flood story in your own words then feel free to express your faith concerning this story. For more details on writing comments for this blog, please see the “About” page.

We will be interested in seeing what you are able to contribute to this research.